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Panoramas 1

Some of the scenes that needed something more than a single shot. Digital cameras are great - with software you stitch a bunch of photos together and here you go....... Some spectacular vistas.

Elk valley, grizzlies and mountains.

Tim at Chilliwack lake.

Dinosaur provincial park, Alberta.

Elk lakes, the view from the campsite!

Looking out into the bay of Fundy, New Brunswick.

Looking down from Gaff topsail, the topsails Plateau, Newfoundland. The line is the trail from west to east.

Little tunnel, on the Kettle Valley Railway, British Columbia. The storm was chasing us up the trail, got us in the end.

A trailway in New Brunswick.

The KVR again, somewhere above Penticton.

Quebec, the view from the top of the falls, across the St. Laurence.

Othello Tunnels, near Hope BC. The tiver gushes through the canyon that the train crosses through again and again.

The Prairies.... long way behind, long way in front, all the same! Somewhere in Alberta.