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The End!

Location: Newfoundland, Canada

From Deer lake down through the topsails, to end at St Johns. Kind of sad, bloody hard going, but beautiful!

15 Sep 2003, 7:21PM

The cook doing dinner on the beach. Spaghetti, weiners, vegetable soup, and a vitamin pill. Yum.

15 Sep 2003, 6:11PM

Campsite at Main dam, a sandy beach on a massive lake.

16 Sep 2003, 12:30PM

Nick on top of Gaff topsail. Thats main topsail in the background, and thats the trail that stretches across the picture. Not a bad spot for lunch. The orange shirt head is the homemade don't shoot me hat.

16 Sep 2003, 10:36AM

Timmy! Sporting this years Newfie fashion, the "don't shoot me hat". Crossing another trestle on another beautiful river.

16 Sep 2003, 1:28PM

Some of the amazing red river rocks and a topsail mountain. Barren but beautiful scenery.

16 Sep 2003, 12:39PM

Lunch with a view. Thats Nick and his mountain dew, Tim and his Pepsi, and thats Main topsail - one of the 4 ayers rock like mountains.

19 Sep 2003, 2:06PM

The trail... horrible gravel and rutts. But the scenery on the Avalon Peninsula is beautiful. Like Snowdonia in Wales.

19 Sep 2003, 7:00AM

What happens when the guidebook says theres camping when theres not. You sleep on a park bench. Nick in his bag at about 7am, in the Shoal Harbour Ball park.

20 Sep 2003, 4:57PM

The odometer, with the final kms at the top of signal hill, Nicks bike, and the Atlantic all the way to Ireland.

20 Sep 2003, 4:25PM

Thats it, the end of the Trans Canada Trail. Time to celebrate! We even got a cute chick to take the photo.

20 Sep 2003, 5:06PM

The view down to St Johns. A picturesque harour, and scene of drunkeness for the celebration.

20 Sep 2003, 5:00PM

Skippy! Hes been with us the whole way, hanging on like hell on the back, being mollested by critters in the night at camp, and hiding from hunters. But he made it, and hes been a good friend. Whats that Skip? No more riding!