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Newfoundland cont.

Location: Newfoundland, Canada

More of the trail, and Gros Morne national park.

Whatyoulookinat? The dragonfly that wouldn't get off Nicks shoe - even at 60km/h. He wanted a lift.

This is how the trail looks a lot, loose gravel. You can see that on the left one tree has turned red a bit early - some valleys have started, most have not.

Gros Morne, the mountain, in the park. Very nice.

So we put him on a rock, and left him by a pond.

Up the end of the same fjord. Its where hikers get off the boat and start their traverse. We wanted to go, but alas no boots!

In Western Brook pond, very steep sides and sunlight shafts. Occasionally the cliffs collapse and theres tidal waves. You have to pay extra on those days.

A rainbow in a waterfall. The water here is so pure - it doesn't conduct electricity!

Looking up the fjord from the outside.

Karen and Dean, the lovely couple who are making sure we get to St Johns, or are following us or something. This was the 5th time we saw them since Fundy, New Brunswick, and surely not the last. Thanks for the lift guys!

The other boat. Bigger, and much more capable of handling a tsunami from falling cliffs.

Rocky harbour at sunset.... near our camp for our Gros Morne stay.

mmm..... thats right, bottled rabbit bits. Right next to bottled moose bits. We know we eat bad, but this... this is ridiculous. And its not even cheap!