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Newfoundland starts

Location: Newfoundland, Canada

From stepping off the ferry, nah, from stepping on the ferry at Sydney, we have loved Newfies and newfoundland. From rolling hills and rugged coasts... this is how it begins.

9 Sep 2003, 5:11PM

Ever seen a railway line go this close to a beach? The dunes were on the trail. Nice beach too!

9 Sep 2003, 5:01PM

A rare double shot - on the ocean trail, taken by Margaret, also biking across Newfoundland.

10 Sep 2003, 10:36AM

Tim rides past the wreckhouse mountain funnel - cranks up winds to over 200km/hr.

10 Sep 2003, 10:19AM

Not so nice for swimming the next day. A taste of the winds and rains of the atlantic coast.

10 Sep 2003, 2:17PM

Nick, trying not to get dragged down by his bike, over the remains of a dodgy man made bridge up onto the trestle. The adventures of the trail!

10 Sep 2003, 11:00AM

The long range mountains, and one of the many lakes we passed. Its pretty wild out here, and empty.

11 Sep 2003, 9:00AM

Then once you're on one of the trestles, theres a fair chance that it will have massive gaps, bits missing, tilted sideways, always an adventure!

10 Sep 2003, 2:23PM

And finally, half an hour later, we have our gear on top. In the rain, wind, lucky we have a sense of humour.

11 Sep 2003, 12:51PM

And rivers and forests and rocks and moose and hunters.....

11 Sep 2003, 11:18AM

A good trestle, with a good view. A solid cliff of Bauxite. Don't tell BHP or they'll be over here in a flash.

12 Sep 2003, 11:01AM

But its not all bad.... just look at the forests, mountains all around. Newfoundland is wild and beautiful.

11 Sep 2003, 1:11PM

And some very wet feet...... Nick in one of the washouts we had to cross.