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Nova Scotia - Cabot

Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

The Cabot trail, the major part of our tour of Nova Scotia, which travels around Cape Bretton island. Steep roads, a few big climbs, but beautiful scenery!

6 Sep 2003, 1:45PM

Tim looks ahead and sees whats coming - the long and winding road (do doo, do doo)

6 Sep 2003, 11:02AM

The rocky coast on the way north towards the Cabot trail. Green grass, rocky shore, winds and rain, we could be in Ireland or Scotland.

6 Sep 2003, 1:55PM

But the views are worth it. Keep your eyes peeled for whales (in the water), Moose on the road or forests, and even a bear and her cubs!

6 Sep 2003, 1:49PM

Nick climbing one the many hills. They have up to 18% grades on some of the hills here.

6 Sep 2003, 4:37PM

The whale watching experience was made even more special by this pilot whale jumping about 5m from the boat. Ya gotta be quick!

6 Sep 2003, 2:02PM

Well this little patch looked like the Scotish highlands - the name of the national park, but that was the only little bit. Nice though!

6 Sep 2003, 5:09PM

And in front of come of the amazing Cape Bretton scenery. Lots and lots of pilot whales, no blue whales or humpbacks tho.

6 Sep 2003, 5:01PM

A mother and her baby. The whales would come up right next to the boat - you could pat them if you wanted.

7 Sep 2003, 12:11PM

A nice Atlantic beach... who would have thought? The east side of the island is all about coast views, coves and beaches. Beautiful!

7 Sep 2003, 10:36AM

One of the many scenic views from the road. That is when your not working your arse off going up, or doing 70km/hr down.

7 Sep 2003, 3:11PM

Nick takes in the view from the top of Smokey Cape - the easiest of three big hills in the park.

7 Sep 2003, 12:42PM

Swimming anyone? It is warm enough still, but we had too far to go this day.