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Prince Edward Island

Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada

PEI - red soil, pretty rolling hills, warm waters, Anne of Green Gables, all very English really!

31 Aug 2003, 1:48PM

Us in front of the very long bridge before setting out on the trail.

31 Aug 2003, 1:42PM

The 13km long bridge they wouldn't let us ride across! We had a bus carry us over.

31 Aug 2003, 8:24PM

Beautiful sunset over the ocean. We were about 1km away from Green Gables here - of Anne of Green Gables fame. One of the disadvantages of growing up with a sister is being forced to watch such rubbish.

31 Aug 2003, 8:12PM

Tim CKing it up, in front of the very warm seas where people were swimming. This was in PEI national park - Cavendish. We camped here the first night.

1 Sep 2003, 8:54AM

..and the occasional biker.

1 Sep 2003, 8:53AM

The red cliffs being eroded away by the surf...

1 Sep 2003, 11:11AM

Some of the Acadian forests we rode through on the confederation trail that runs the length of the island.

1 Sep 2003, 8:55AM

PEI isn't draw dropping like the rockies, but everything is nice, and pretty, lots of colour.

2 Sep 2003, 12:11PM

The lighthouse at the very eastern end of the island - just to prove we went there too.

1 Sep 2003, 6:04PM

A walkway in the dunes part of the national park at Greenwich.