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New Brunswick

Location: New Brunswick, Canada

The bay of fundy and around - the Atlantic at last!

28 Aug 2003, 9:46AM

The first glimpse of the Atlantic - we made it! Tim stopped for this photo down the dirty big hill, while Nick did 71km/hr for a new transcanada record.

27 Aug 2003, 8:10PM

Sunset in the Bay of Fundy national park.

28 Aug 2003, 4:48PM

The Ha! Ha! cemetery. Where people no one really liked get put. We think Nelson from the Simpsons must have named it.

28 Aug 2003, 12:51PM

Kayaking on the Atlantic - the amazing rock formations caused by the massive tides here. Thats our guide Alan, and Tim on the right.

29 Aug 2003, 7:10AM

Timbo in the Gaudi rock on our sunrise walk. The rocks are shaped by the erosion from tides, and ice.

28 Aug 2003, 5:46PM

Low tide.... 12m tides mean massive mud flats and fast moving water. Its all brown water here as the mud never settles properly.

29 Aug 2003, 8:06AM

"You can walk on the sea floor..." as Tim demonstrates here. He looks asleep as its very early for him to be moving so much.

29 Aug 2003, 7:31AM

Another of the amazing rocks here, which are surrounded by water at high tide.

29 Aug 2003, 4:25PM

Tide in, and half way out again. Filled with Japanese tourists. At high tide its 4m or so higher. We couldn't sneak into the park at high tide for the photo as we couldn't get around the rocks! ( on a a day buidget is a lot, and we need food!)

29 Aug 2003, 7:54AM

Tide nearly all the way out, Tim walking in the picture.

29 Aug 2003, 8:15AM

The empty mud flats - 4km that is filled with water at high tide.

29 Aug 2003, 7:50AM

Nick gets amongst it, and comtemplates simple harmonic motion and resonance which cause the massive tides. Or not.