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Quebec - N.Brunswick

Location: Quebec/New Brunswick, Canada

The stretch from Quebec city, along the St Laurence to Rivier du Loup, and then back on another train line across the border into New Brunswick and across.

22 Aug 2003, 5:07PM

Camp the next night, on the trail, with a swimming hole and waterfall...

21 Aug 2003, 7:17PM

Sunset on our campsite - not the sea, the St Laurence, probably salty here though.

23 Aug 2003, 10:16AM

St Louis du Ha! Ha! There wasn't much going on here besides the name though.

22 Aug 2003, 6:18PM

... free firewood and a big stove, and a beautiful forested camp.

24 Aug 2003, 3:09PM

The trail rolled through the remnant Appalachians which had some farms, and heaps of forest.

24 Aug 2003, 1:30PM

Grand Falls New Brunswick and beginning of another stretch of trail all the way to Fredricton.

25 Aug 2003, 8:43AM

A mist envelopes the camp all morning beside the river. Perth-Andover.

24 Aug 2003, 3:28PM

And beautiful lakes and rivers! But since we enetered NB the temperature plummetted so no more swimming!

25 Aug 2003, 3:40PM

Its the wilds of NB! Its the closest thing to BC yet - we rode for hundreds of kilometres in the middle of forests with nothing around here. This is on our way to Millville.

25 Aug 2003, 1:03PM

Nick sprints the 382m length of the longest covered bridge in the world. Its amazing what you see on a Transcanada! Hartland, NB

27 Aug 2003, 3:30PM

A moose! A young one so not so big and scary. This one was beside the road as we entered the Fundy national park.

27 Aug 2003, 11:33AM

Trapped Emus.... a long long way from home! They looked a bit cold actually.