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Quebec City

Location: Quebec, Canada

The capital of the province of Quebec, also where we experienced Quebec first hand staying with Pierre and Bridgitte.

20 Aug 2003, 11:16AM

The St Laurence River as seen from Quebec. Quebec means the narrowing of the river, not so narrow here.

19 Aug 2003, 7:19PM

Charlotte shows us the big broccoli grown in her garden. It tasted very nice!

20 Aug 2003, 11:42AM

Busy Vieux Quebec or Old Quebec.

20 Aug 2003, 11:22AM

Tim & Bridgitte in front of the Chateau in Quebec. The main attraction in our walking tour.

20 Aug 2003, 2:31PM

Bridgitte and Nick in the Golf cruising on Ile d'Orlean. It was nice not to be on a bike for once.

20 Aug 2003, 12:00PM

The chateau again. Pierre & Bridgitte have stayed there once. We didn`t, but it sure looked nice.

20 Aug 2003, 4:15PM

The chutes outside Quebec.

20 Aug 2003, 3:40PM

Apple Cider and liquer tasting on the Island.

20 Aug 2003, 8:45PM

Charlotte and Q-Tips. Q-Tips is one patient kitten.

20 Aug 2003, 4:21PM

Nick, Bridgitte and Tim. This is how we look after apple cider and a big climb to the top of the falls.

20 Aug 2003, 8:50PM

Charlotte & Q-Tips, Pierre, Bridgitte and Mocha. The very happy family we stayed with in Quebec.

20 Aug 2003, 8:48PM

William was ready to go trans Canada with us. Not sure where to put the paniers however.