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Trail to Quebec City

Location: Quebec, Canada

The trail to Quebec city went through some very nice farmland, towns, canals and places. We also encountered some very nice people.

16 Aug 2003, 2:34PM

The standard quality of path in Quebec - paved, marked, and fast! This one next to the amazing Chambly canal and its waterfront properties.

16 Aug 2003, 2:18PM

Chambly Canal. A cruisy ride on gravel.

17 Aug 2003, 11:57AM

In the park of Mt Ormond - different forest to the west - very green!

16 Aug 2003, 3:43PM

Back in the prairies? A stretch through some of the flat farm country.

17 Aug 2003, 12:48PM

Nick comes up the hill in Mt Ormond Parc so fast he is blurred... It was also a little dark in there.

17 Aug 2003, 12:07PM

VERY green! Its hard having to ride through this stuff every day.

17 Aug 2003, 4:29PM

Nick in North Hatley. We wanted to swim, but we would have gotten looks.

17 Aug 2003, 12:51PM

Scaring the locals - Tim the roaring semi trailer of the bike path world.

18 Aug 2003, 11:12AM

A six metre washout on the trail. That'll teach us to ignore the signs saying "Fermé".

18 Aug 2003, 8:50AM

Kristine & Barry outside their place in Sherbrooke. Their generosity was out of this world. Thanks guys!