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Location: Quebec, Canada

Montreal - Canadas second biggest city, and thankfully not blacked out liek New York and Ottawa at the moment! Euro style, pretty girls, old (looking) buildings, copy of the Paris metro, its got it all.

15 Aug 2003, 1:52PM

This man says Montreal. The one piece striped shortsleeve jumpsuit. Sweet!

15 Aug 2003, 12:56PM

Down near the port side looking at the old and the new.

15 Aug 2003, 3:28PM

The view from Mont Royale.... montreal...

15 Aug 2003, 2:06PM

China town, every city has one.

16 Aug 2003, 9:15AM

The canal, a good way to start the day riding out of Montreal.

15 Aug 2003, 3:40PM

In the park...

16 Aug 2003, 10:13AM

There`s Tim riding the Indy circuit in Montreal, the Trans Canada Trail truly does cover everything.

16 Aug 2003, 9:33AM

Canal, hedge clipping and grain elevators. You get it all in Montreal.

16 Aug 2003, 10:31AM

Tim having a forced break in front of the boat.

16 Aug 2003, 10:30AM

The big ship on its way from the Lakes to the sea, much like us.