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Location: Ontario, Canada

Well, we don't have so much to offer in terms of pics in Ottawa. Probably something to do with a keg party, and other beers. But we will have more to offer later when we get some scans. The digis didn't make it to the party. We made some other great friends, but no photos yet... sorry!

8 Aug 2003, 9:48PM

In the house of TDog - 40 degrees C, and comfy with 6 people! Mikes head, Holly 1, Pete behind, TDog smiling at the back, and the best bit of Nicks head.

The house of T Dog, as we setuo to leave Ottawa. The two groups parted ways - us back onto trail, and the canucks making a 14 day sprint to the finish. Thanks TDog for the stay - we owe you one!

9 Aug 2003, 1:07PM

Holly #2 - our guide, Pete, Mike and Nick in the secret underground tunnels linking the parliament buildings.

9 Aug 2003, 1:03PM

Pete tries to crack the safe on our private tour of Paliament house. The cameras were watching I'm sure.

9 Aug 2003, 2:18PM

This is Holly #2, our guide, proud young lib, parliament worker, hostess of parties, basically a top chick!

9 Aug 2003, 1:59PM

The view from the peace tower - the tower in the middle of the parliament building.

At the keg party, all in fine form. Holly #1, Nick, Pete, Christine, Mike, Sabrina, and Tyler Johnson!

Visiting the museum of Canada, Tim, Pete, and Nick. We are on the french side of the river, thats Ottawa in the background. It is outrageous!

Even later, even more pissed, Christine and Nick, looking very scruffy - Nick that is.