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Ottawa to Montreal

Location: Quebec, Canada

Photos from Ottawa to Montreal through amazing north(?) Quebec. Lakes, rivers, and a train line that is paved for cyclists.

11 Aug 2003, 6:34PM

Empty fields and an abandoned house beside the trail.

11 Aug 2003, 5:03PM

Yes this is Tims bike upside down. And yes Tim was upside down underneath it, but for some reason he wouldn't stay for the photo. Maybe its the stinging bush he's picking out of his skin. Someone was laughing a lot here, someone was not.

12 Aug 2003, 1:18PM

Nick checks out a small town and its history - old buildings in european style in pretty countryside.

11 Aug 2003, 6:35PM

And a barn.... hey we liked the view OK!

13 Aug 2003, 8:14AM

And to wake up to a misty ride down the railway. We camped next to the trail this night - camping sauvage as they call it here.

12 Aug 2003, 7:41PM

Fancy a sunset swim anyone?

13 Aug 2003, 3:30PM

Some the trail patrollers we met. Two friendly girls who helped us out and invited us out for pizza. Mercy beaucoup mes belles! (See we can speak some french!)

13 Aug 2003, 10:28AM

Tim checks out the map - not that it is hard here. This is a station on the Petit Train du Nord - an old railbed now paved, and serviced by the stations with food and water. 200kms of cruisiness!

14 Aug 2003, 11:29AM

A standard view around here - beautiful lakes with europian style housing.

13 Aug 2003, 3:53PM

Mount Tremblant - the premier Quebec ski resort. Sorry to say also exactly the same as Whistler. New and trying to be old, and expensive!

14 Aug 2003, 2:27PM

The end of the line - celebrate by washing your bike and yourself in the fountain. Then meet 5 locals who insist on shaking your hand for riding here from Victoria.

14 Aug 2003, 11:48AM

Nick goes for a swim to cool off in the 30 degree heat. Apparently its a private river and your not allowed. Sure.