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Towards Ottawa

Location: Ontario, Canada

Some scattered photos from the journey to Ottawa - from Sault St. Marie.

The generous campers next to us - as soon as we pulled into camp they invited us for dinner. When we decided to leave they gave us take away. This is Susanne and Pierre, handing over the goodies to Mike. Thanks for your generousity!

Thessilon - a campsite for us this side of the Soo. Last glimpses of big lakes too.

Pete humps the missle, Pattawawa - the Canadian forces base (where we camped to the sound of shell fire)

Sunset at Mattawa - over the Pttawa river and the first views of Quebec!

The chutes, another provincial park, this one near Massey.

Nick hides his head in shame - band-aids on the nipples - the shirt has worn the ends off. Apparently happens to tri-atheletes and the like. Its a good look.

Mike the icecream fiend happens apon Canadas biggest icecream (this is a small) at Hagar.

Cooking up dinner at Massey. Being eaten by Mozzies at Massey. Hiding from rain also at Massey.

Illegal squatting camp at Mattawa after we refused to pay to camp.

Swimming in the Ottawa river at Mattawa.

Ottawa - us if you can see us, and our bikes in front of the impressive parliament buildings.

One of the many storms that chased us these last days.