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SARStock - Toronto

Location: Ontario, Canada

The concert we rocked to in Toronto. 600,000 people, the rolling stones, AC DC etc. Taken on a disposable camera - scanned so a bit dodge... sorry!

The crowd rock out to AC DC

Hitchhiking the way home back of an SUV

Pete bangs out a tune with his head, next to a hard core rocker next to him.

Sunset over the crowd. Girls on shoulders, with and without tops on.

Mike, Pete, Nick, Tim, not too far from the stage, loving it.

More of the corwd. Only 9 arrests for the whole day!

In the mess, trying to escape the sun, get water, eat beef, and enjoy the views and music.

The crowd salutes for the camera!

Riding the back of an ambulance, one of the few ways to get through the crowd. Pete shows how its done.

Tim and Pete get a dose of Alberta beef - the second reason for the concert. They had a bit of mad cow problem out there.

The Calgary Uni students support their beef industry. There was even a whole cow on a spit - gross. They had to sauce it with a mop!

Pete rocks on with yet another hard core fan. Well this is probably just an old English guy, but still.