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Location: Ontario, Canada

The diversion trip - jump in a hire car with Pete and Mike, head to Toronto to go to the SARSstock concert with AC DC and the stones, and of course Rush! Toronto too of course.

29 Jul 2003, 12:00PM

And of course we finally overtook the girls - fully loaded and all.

29 Jul 2003, 11:54AM

We had fun passing and harrassing the tour du Canada people. Running them off the road and scaring them of course.

30 Jul 2003, 10:44AM

The CN tower rises behind us. It looks amazing, we look amazingly scruffy.

29 Jul 2003, 8:41PM

Kristen, Mike, Pete, and Tim, out and about in Toronto. Kristen is the super top chick who has had us on her floor in downtown Toronto. Thanks so much Kristen!

30 Jul 2003, 11:04AM

The view over Lake Ontario. Sometimes you can see Niagara... not today.

30 Jul 2003, 10:44AM

And of course the artsy photo - straight up the tower. Its one of the tallest free standing structures in the world and the highest viewing platform at 447m! The tower is 553m high.

30 Jul 2003, 11:26AM

The shadow falls over our hire car down there somewhere. We all had a bit of vertigo with the glass floors, walls and lift experiences.

30 Jul 2003, 11:20AM

Looking down on the highrise CBD, pretty amazingly high.

30 Jul 2003, 12:01PM

The tower from below. One big lump of concrete.

30 Jul 2003, 11:40AM

Feet of Nick. The glass floor that is quite unnerving to walk on at first.