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Lake Superior

Location: Ontario, Canada

From Thunder Bay to Sault St. Marie, Lake Superior and around, or around it even.

23 Jul 2003, 11:03AM

Reflections on a big lake. The view from the road.

22 Jul 2003, 12:08PM

Mel - fearless leader and driver of the Tour du Canada van. Also a top chick, and a bit of an Aussie.

23 Jul 2003, 6:39PM

Aguasabon gorge at Terrace Bay.

23 Jul 2003, 6:10PM

Jess and Linz... two lovely tour du Canada girls after a dip in the lake.

25 Jul 2003, 10:50AM

Mike carves up the biggest Cinnamon roll ever at one of our breakfast stops.

24 Jul 2003, 7:59PM

The girls chilling out on the beach at White Lake.

26 Jul 2003, 11:51AM

Misty lakes in Lake Superior Provincial Park, one of the most spectacular ride days so far.

26 Jul 2003, 11:40AM

Outside yet another breakfast stop, one of our fans takes a photo for us. Pete, Nick, Tim, Mike.

26 Jul 2003, 12:46PM

Pete and Nick chilling out looking over one of the bays and beaches of Lake Superior.

26 Jul 2003, 12:11PM

And again, this was typical of the views this day.

28 Jul 2003, 4:42PM

Pete looks a bit daunted by the biggest burger in Canada, 1 pound of meat off the grill, as big as a plate. He made it through like a trooper.

27 Jul 2003, 4:54PM

Pancake Bay, flat as, round as, as beautiful as.... white sand for frisby, a few rocks for skimming, sun for warmth, water for freezing!