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Ontario Lakes

Location: Ontario, Canada

Leaving the prairies and starting the crossing of the Canadian shield - a massive rocky, tree covered, lake filled region of Canada. Its harder to ride, but theres a hell of a lot more to see and do than the prairies!

14 Jul 2003, 12:58PM

And here we cross one of the half way points of Canada - this one being the actual centre as the crow flies. Woohoo! Only two more halfway points to go!

9 Jul 2003, 8:23AM

Some of the service station treats we've been consuming through the prairies. The "Big Daddy" cookie is the best, followed by the "McSweeney" and lesser brands.

17 Jul 2003, 4:25PM

Or better yet, relax on one of the many lakes we camp next to here. Nick is trying to find out where the deep end is.

16 Jul 2003, 5:16PM

After a hard days ride, why not chase a white ball around. Well not very far on crazy golf.

17 Jul 2003, 8:48PM

And as we are in official "Sunset Country", a sunset.

17 Jul 2003, 8:48PM

Taking in the scenery as the sun sets, or just escaping mosquito hell, Nick on the wharf.

18 Jul 2003, 9:22AM

A typical view of the region, lakes and rivers scattered around, under warm blue skies.

17 Jul 2003, 9:00PM

Another artsy lake view.

19 Jul 2003, 12:15PM

We're not in the prairies anymore. Still some pretty straight roads, but now they are rollercoasters!

19 Jul 2003, 10:01AM

Entry to time zone number 4 - Eastern Standard Time, 2 more to go! Its also 90 degress West Longitude - which means we've riden 1/12 of the way around the world so far!

19 Jul 2003, 8:30PM

Pretty special, and also a great spot for a swim. Well, not in the falls, but the river.

19 Jul 2003, 2:43PM

The Niagara of the north as they say. Kakabeka Falls just outside Thunder Bay.