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More Prairies

Location: Prairies, Canada

So not so many photos taken across, the prairies, being somewhat the same day after day. But there are some pretty spots and sights. Here's some of Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

6 Jul 2003, 12:36PM

...and roads that go for ever across the horizons.

6 Jul 2003, 11:16AM

Flat, windy and cloudy!

9 Jul 2003, 9:35AM

Candice smiles at the border of her last province. It should read "Welcome to Manitoba *except cyclists who we are trying to kill" as they have no shoulders on any roads here.

7 Jul 2003, 7:35PM

You learn to judge a town by the size and quality of its grain elevators. A big one means food and camping, a little one, nothing. Church size sometimes lies.

9 Jul 2003, 4:51PM

And one of the storms that chase us across the prairies passes us by.

9 Jul 2003, 4:49PM

Grey skies but the crops still shine around Candice.

10 Jul 2003, 8:24PM

Yep still wheat... another artsy shot cause there's nothing else to take.

10 Jul 2003, 8:22PM

Sunset over the fields with a stretchy shadow and halo around. I always knew I was holy.

10 Jul 2003, 8:33PM

... and a farmhouse at sunset.... yawn....

10 Jul 2003, 8:29PM

...and another stretchy shadow yadda yadda yadda....