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Prairies Part 1

Location: Alberta, Canada

Alberta Prairties

What the road looks like a lot of the time...

1 Jul 2003, 5:34PM

Tim in front of Dinosaur Provincial Park.

1 Jul 2003, 2:06PM

Canada Day small country town style, BBQs and tractor pulls.

1 Jul 2003, 9:21PM

Hoodoos and lumps... amazing landscapes reminiscent of Cappadoccia Turkey.

1 Jul 2003, 9:18PM

Nick climbing a hoodoo at sunset.

2 Jul 2003, 10:10AM

The dinosaur tooth WE found! 1 inch long!

1 Jul 2003, 9:21PM

Artsy Tim shadow sunset type shot.

2 Jul 2003, 1:31PM

Another view of Nick.

2 Jul 2003, 1:09PM

Another view of the park.

3 Jul 2003, 8:44AM

Tim riding the big sky plains.

2 Jul 2003, 1:39PM

The dust wind storm hits, catches us out. It flattened tents, but not ours. Just filled it with dust.

3 Jul 2003, 11:58AM

Wheat country, say no more....