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Location: BC/Alberta, Canada

Starting at the remote Elk Lakes where we camped, these photos go from there all the way to Banff.

25 Jun 2003, 6:29PM

'Another two bite brownie Tim?' Treats at the most picturesque place in the world.

25 Jun 2003, 4:31PM

Nick rides the track up to the Elk Pass. Quite dramatic no?

26 Jun 2003, 9:42AM

Tim stands in awe of the amazing view from our campsite. Note the anti-mozzie towel.

26 Jun 2003, 6:33AM

This is a small part of the view of Lower Elk Lake. Where we camped. Impossible to show with a photo even.

26 Jun 2003, 10:44AM

A quick hike up to the viewpoint shows the lake from above.

26 Jun 2003, 10:24AM

The porcupine (we think) that came to visit us.

26 Jun 2003, 1:22PM

Alberta! The border at the top of the pass. 1965m and about 1800km. We finaly left British Columbia.

26 Jun 2003, 11:00AM

Another pretty view at Elk Lakes.

27 Jun 2003, 10:41AM

In Alberta the views just kept getting better. Mountains in every direction.

27 Jun 2003, 9:37AM

Who took this shot? The fifth and best attempt at a timer shot.

27 Jun 2003, 3:07PM

This Eagle/Osprey/bird made a very picturesque home in these remote power lines. She was none too happy at our presence.

27 Jun 2003, 12:28PM

Getting quite off road. We were right in the thick of it here on our way to Banff.