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Trail - Elk Valley

Location: BC, Canada

These pics cover the ride from the Trail, in the Kootenays, to the middle of the Rockies.

18 Jun 2003, 11:52AM

Nick and Tim's creature spotting list jumps a notch with this wriggly critter.

18 Jun 2003, 11:19AM

This is the view from the Santa Rosa summit. Your actually looking at the USA here.

22 Jun 2003, 7:13PM

Wapiti Lake - one of the nicest campsites so far.

20 Jun 2003, 3:01PM

This is the top of the Kootenay summit. See the cabin to the left and the snow at the front. It was EXTREMELY cold, and high at 1700m.

24 Jun 2003, 10:41AM

Fernie town. Picturesque and full of friendly folk. Some of them quite interesting.

23 Jun 2003, 5:26PM

Entry into Fernie was delayed a little by the longest goods train in the world. Here is a photo of Nick waiting for it.

25 Jun 2003, 11:01AM

Blue lake - on the way up the Elk Valley. Imaginative name.

24 Jun 2003, 1:37PM

Tim and the 'worlds largest truck'. We saw bigger RV's in one of Canada's many munter farms.

25 Jun 2003, 12:46PM

One of the many magical Rocky vistas. We could fill the internet with all the photos we took.

25 Jun 2003, 11:04AM

Tim in front of said Blue Lake. This one's for mum!

25 Jun 2003, 3:47PM

The hut at the top of the Elk Pass. We could have slept here but the hygeine was a little lacking.

25 Jun 2003, 2:44PM

Wild horses in the middle of Grizzly country. Nick makes contact.