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Penticton- Grd Forks

Location: BC, Canada

Penticton to Granns Forks, twice more up to 1000m and down again, through the Myra Canyon, tunnels and trestles, and via Midway and the valleys.

13 Jun 2003, 5:06PM

The famous Apple Pie lady serves up warmth and food next to a beautiful lake in an old log cabin.

13 Jun 2003, 4:54PM

Enveloped by cloud shortly before Chute lake, the Apple Pie stop.

13 Jun 2003, 7:20PM

On a hill overlooking forests, clouds, and a large trestle.

13 Jun 2003, 5:40PM

Still running from the clouds we setout to make camp.

14 Jun 2003, 10:04AM

Thats Tim in the middle, and you better appreciate the photo, cause it took a lot of effort to get!

14 Jun 2003, 9:27AM

Another trestle to cross. Until 2 years ago, they had no deck or handrails, now that would have been better!

15 Jun 2003, 1:17PM

Not a Squirrel, a chipmunk, and a brave one at that. On my shoe, on the table, trying to steal food.

15 Jun 2003, 12:31PM

A crazy nice old guy who built this fake train car, with a kitchen and beds for cyclists to sleep in, and always has fresh water. People sign his wooden shelter, we saw one from Bellingen and Coffs Harbour, and one from Albury!

16 Jun 2003, 1:45PM

The float down the river!

16 Jun 2003, 12:31PM

A day off, top Aussie Steve who moved to Midway 30 years ago drove us up the river and dumped us in Canoes to float effortlessly for hours back to camp - all for 5 bucks each. Top Aussie! Its easier than riding!

...and da da da... the bear photo! This is bear #2 checking us out, sniffing the air. We just rode past him and stopped (very ready to sprint off!), but he was relaxed, and we got some photos!

16 Jun 2003, 6:26PM

People called for one, so here it is, a Nick bug shot. This ant was hefting this boulder sized pebble - working harder than us up a hill.