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Hope - Okanagan

Location: BC, Canada

From Hope, up the Coqahalla and through the kettle valley railway to Penticton

10 Jun 2003, 8:25AM

The Othello Canyons, Bridges, tunnels, and rushing water. Amazing!

10 Jun 2003, 8:17AM

Forest near Othello Canyons

10 Jun 2003, 12:37PM

But the views were good on the way up!

10 Jun 2003, 12:04PM

On the Coquihalla Summit - at last. 1200m climb with people cheering us!

10 Jun 2003, 7:23PM

At Sharkeys house, finally we meet some more travellers. The Dutch on the left, and the Swiss on the right, they're following our tracks now. ANd of course amazing Sharkey on the right, a real character.

10 Jun 2003, 1:05PM

Nick gets a view beeps at the summit sign from supportive cyclists and amazed muntors.

12 Jun 2003, 2:49PM

The 'non-recommended route' across the old trestle, with big gaps between each wood, looking down 80m, going jiggadyjiggdy on the bike across.

12 Jun 2003, 2:28PM

Tim models our bottle of Chardonay in front of the Summerland Okanagan valley from the winery. The view inside was good too.

12 Jun 2003, 3:29PM

View from the winery again. Sorry the volumptious blonde is inside.

12 Jun 2003, 3:22PM

Desert, a change from the mountains. A real Turkey kind of feel actually.

13 Jun 2003, 12:09PM

Climbing back up to 1200m (again! 3rd time) with lake views.

12 Jun 2003, 7:25PM

Dinner with a view, a stunning wine, goes well with glazed sirlion with sundried tomatoes, or a big mac!