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Vanc Is.- Hope. Tim

Location: BC, Canada

Here are the photos from Tim's camera. We're too lazy to sort em out! Vancouver Island to Hope.

The new tent. The double vestibule rocks.

Here is the parliament building in Victoria. Where we started.

The Kinsol Tressel. Unpassable but spectacular.

Spectacular view from the climb up the Malahat stretch of the highway.

The flower tunnel. Bees in your bonnet. Dogs pretending to be bears.

Nick tries to pass anyway.

Nick gets a ride from the steam train that used to roam this trail.

Doh! The blowout.

Lovely view - Chilliwack River.

Lovely forest on Newcastle Island.

The snow on the paleface pass. A rough day.

Chilliwack Lake. Thats Nick on the corner there!