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TCT Province Maps

Here are the official overview routes of the TCT (Trans Canada Trail), the ten provinces we will ride through on our trip.

Alberta - down from the rockies - through Banf and Calgary and out onto the plains.

BC - lots of different scenery, from Vancouver Island, through the Rockies and up to Banf and Lake Louise.

Manitoba - flat... lakes, and a few hills too, through lots of parks.

Saska...woollongong or something. Flat... farms... flat.... wind...flat...

Parley vous Francais? A few big cities too.

Lakes and hills and very long!

Ann of Green Gables - small and pretty.

No idea whats here - will let you know!

The end! At St Johns... and if we make it that far!

Nuevo Escocia! lots of old railway beds - easy riding!

Follow the signs! On trees and posts and stuff - then you won't get lost!