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Soccer day in the villages

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

You had to hang on tight...the roads were very rough!!!

Our ride for the day.

Some of the kids met us on the mainroad because the roads were too rough for us to drive into the school.

These shirts were all donated by Laura Carlton on behalf of Ironman Canada

We always give 1/2 of the shirts to the girls and 1/2 to the boys. I believe if we didn't insist on this, they might go to the boy's teams most of the time.

Only the teams got the jersies but that didn't stop the rest of the kids from being excited!

I wish we would've had more time to spend at each school! The kids were so excited.

The kids were watching us blow up two balls and the cheering kept getting louder!

I was standing in the back of the truck which was probably safer than being on the ground at this point!