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Container and Muvuma

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

You can see the logos on both of the containers in this shot.

Unloading our container with a crane from Barrick Gold mine.

Placing it beside our old container.

Turning it around. These guys were amazing...there was very little room!

This is how we found the first crate.

Someone visiting the hospital. The little guy wasn't even afriad of me!

Opening the container!!!!

Two hours later.... We were upset about things at first but have to remind ourselves that people here just don't have the same organization skills that we have. I'm sure our systems and logistics took decades to develope.

Adorable girls from the Muvuma orphanage. Charryll, did you have something to do with making these?

Athanis trying out one of the wheelchairs.

Not all of the kids were there...we surprised them with our visit. We'll be going back on Tuesday.

I can see here that some of the wings are on upside down.