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Lotsa stuff

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

Giving some of our nursing manuals so students at the midwifery clinic.

The group of us with the District Executive Director and Jackie, the District Education Officer.

Buying fresh, warm meat from the local butcher for the Amani party. I had to carry the 20 kilos back to the hospital in a ripped wasn't easy!

My friend Sophie from the resthouse where we used to stay, her husband Adolph and Nancy.

Poster we made with the Amani kids. It's up on the wall in the clubhouse.

The chicken coop ladies cooking for the Amani party.

Us girls in our matching kangas. Joseph and Emmanuel bought the last team this gift aslo. Thanks guys!!!

Glen modeling his new shirt. Joseph and Emmanuel had it made for him.

Our container pulling into the Kahama Hospital.

Pene and some of the midwifery/nursing students.

Dr Andrew and Athanis.

They were excited to read all the messages on the leaves.