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Our visit to Joseph's

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

Joseph and Emmanuel.

Riding three to a bike with no helmets is something you wouldn't do in Canada but here it seems OK.

Giving out Ironamn shirts to Joseph's village soccer team. they were so happy that I remembered to come back; last year we gave them two soccer balls.

Joseph's mom and dad, Grace and Sampson, in their hut.

Kids followed us everywhere.

We caused quite stir in the village market!

It was such a beautiful drive out to the village.

Anna and Nancy.

Crowds of people gathered around was so fun!

Happy kids. We gave out cookies and lollipops to everyone at Joseph's. I think every child in the neighbourhood showed up.

I was laughing at their dirty faces until I realized I looked the same. I don't know what the other passengers on the bus thought of us.

Everyone always has to check out the photos.