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4th set Kahama

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

Pene with Athanis's baby Amanda.

Making salad to supplement our starchy diet.

The congregation.

Joseph's church. It's been under construction for a number of years!!! They work on whenever they get enough donations.

LeAnne and Anna at beer o'clock with our two favourites...Serengeti and Kilimanjaro.

The entertainment! The little guy in the front was soooo cute.

Pene and some of the kids hanging around outside Pineridge. We gave them a soccerball and they came in to give it back when they were done. They were surprised when we said they could keep it.

Jackie, the District Education Officer, and I.

Mabula's grandpa (who desparately needs a new suit jacket!)

LeAnne and the excited children!!

The Amani chicken coop ladies. We are donating one thousand $ in addition to the two hundred $ we already left them last July.