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Tanzania 3rd set

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

Muvuma Orphanage and

A couple of the orphans playing in the hallway.

Flora took us to visit Muvuma Orpahanage where Restuta, Judy's Amani child lives.

Flora watching me talk to the kids at the orphanage.

There are many albinos living in the Lake Zone area. They live in danger due to traditional beliefs that have villages mutilating these people by cutting off limbs for use in ceremonies.

New building site. Construction has been underway for two years. The number of kids living at Muvuma will rise from 17 to 50-70 when they move here.

The kids think my Swahili is quite humorous.

Buying fruit in the market for our village visit.

In the pediatric ward. A 'bibi' wanted us to take her picture with her grandchild. Notice the mural that was painted by some of the One Person team in 2010.

Leaving the school. The boy in front has a growth on his neck....I hope he's received medical attention!

Happy school children in Isegehe ward.

Mabula with his new Ironman teeshirt and his new BALL!!! Lotsa smiles over that!

Visiting Paschal. The little girl by Twyla is the one who was laying in the courtyard when we arrived, weak from hunger.