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2013 Second set

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

Group picture and some Amani photos, etc

Giving Dr Andrew 00 or (1,545,000 TSH) donated by the town of Kaslo and Elizabeth Ross. Thank you!!!!This money will be spent for items needed in the delivery room.

Finally, a photo of the whole group!! (L-R) Twyla, Glen. Dr Andrew, Brenda, Nancy and Pene. On front is LeAnne and in the back is Nancy!!!

Melinda had a poster made with pictures of the Amani kids that were taken last summer by our 2012 team!

Decorating the Amani clubhouse with pictures and posters.

Nancy and I helping decorate the Amani room.

Giving some toys to the little girl I wrote about who will be in traction for one month.

They were very serious about getting the stickers "just right."

The Amani children helped us decorate the poster we made of the Canadian Amani supporters.


They were having fun.......really!!!!

The children will all meet us back here for the party next Thursday. That'll be the day we present them with the items from the container. We expect a huge crowd!!!