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Rwanda 2013-1st set

A few snaps of our first few days.

One of the mass graves at the Kigali Memorial Centre.

Pene took this amazing picture of Rusumo border crossing between Rwanda and Tanzania. You have get off the bus and walk over the bridge and up the hill to the TZ side.

A couple of adorable kids we saw on the walk to the Ntarama Church Memorial.

Pene, LeAnne and Nancy on the walkway beside more of the graves.

Us girls....LeAnne, Nancy, Pene, Me and Anna in Kigali.

A group of curious kids looking at the mzungus on the bus to TZ.

Shopping at my favorite market.

Taking bikes back to the main road after visiting the memorial church.

Many of the vendors remember me from other years.

It can be a little intimidating to new-comers. Everyone is quite insistant that you buy from their stall!!

Laura and her new baby! (Thanks for the knitted baby blanket Carol!)

This is the market that we buy many of the wonderful Rwandan baskets you see at our gala!