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6th set 2012

Location: Kahama and villages., Tanzania

These holes are very unsafe...sometimes they dig 10 metres down. They also dig tunnels between the holes which sometimes collapse.

Joseph holding the metal detector which is the only piece of equipment they have besides shovels and picks. This is the same type you see people using here on our beaches.

Joseph with his mom and the boda driver. The drivers are the only ones who get a helmet.

One of the bigger excavation sites.

In Jospeh's mom's house. Emmanuel is wearing his Ironman shirt.

Typical scene in one of the villages we drove through.

There were a lot of people crammed into a small room. Everyone was excited that we had come to visit.

Joseph's mom holding the music box that I brought for her.

More bodaboda riding.

Handing out marbles to the neighbour kids who had gathered outside the hut.

Getting fuel from the village gas station. (The table is the gas station.)

Shaking hands with all of the soccer players.