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Amani Party

Location: Kahama, Tanzania

HIV Orphan group at the Kahama Hospital.

The area we were using is an outdoor waiting area at the HIV clinic.

The children were writing letters and colouring pictures for us to take back to Canada.

Kids playing with the flash cards we brought them.

More kids....

Erin supervising the children writing messages on our canvas for the Canadian Amani partners.

Mary showing Flora how to use the camera that was donated to them by Melinda. Now,they can just mail us the memory card and we can develope pictures in Canada.

Happy Denise receiving a bracelet from one of the kids.

More kids.....

Trying to get the shy kids to smile.

One of the three cupboards in the Amani clubhouse, stuffed with toys from our last container.

Bubble time!!!! What a great day!!!!

Distributing food at the party.