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Rwanda 2nd set

Location: Kigalui, Rwanda

A visit to the Nester's says...where the locals shop.

Some of the stall holders remember me from previous years.

Visiting my favourite market in Kigali. I love the pictures, they're all so colourful!!!

Buying some fresh food to add to our daily St Famille breakfast of white hotdog buns, an egg and a banana.

Part of the outside section

I LOVE this market!! So many interesting things to look at.

Denise is finally smiling. She feels a little claustraphobic in the back section.

More bargaining...

Erin in one of the many isles of clothing. There's a row of sewing machines in use so the clothes are hot of the press!!!!

Mary in the food section. This area had a lot of different smells!

Here there's someone to carry your purchases around for you. For a small fee of course.

Time to go..our bags are full!!!