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More pics...various

Location: Rwanda and, Tanzania

STwo net ball teams in Bugerama wearing some of the uniforms donated by the Westside Wildfire girls soccer team. (Maureen's daughter, Rebecca's team.)

Joseph and Karen posing on front of where a wedding was set up at the Pineridge. We thought it'd be funny to send this to her mom and tell her that Karen had a whirl-wind romance and tied the knot!!!

Denise opening her gifts on the night she stayed with Karen and I in the hotel.

Having a drink at Milles Collines.

Languida and Frank's daughter Laura. Laura isn't quite 5 yet so you can get an idea just how tiny this centurian is!

Our dinner out! (Karen, Denise and I)

She looks just as good as she has in the pictures from the last three!!!

Languida's son Zenus... always enjoys our visits and wants his picture taken with each of us. Thanks Dee for getting his album ready!!!!

Chicken going for his last (probably) bike ride.

Karen and Cassius with Mama Sifa on the Ntarama Church visit.

Precocious Laura in the dress Heike sent her.

Frank and Cassius buying bananas Rwandan style.