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More Newcastle Pics

Location: Newcastle, NSW, Australia

More Newcastle pics...

This is Nobby's Beach. I live where that white arrow is pointing. The body of water to the right is Hunter River.

That is Newcastle Beach. The big round thing is a man made pool thing called the ocean baths.

5 Mar 2006, 4:13PM

This is Hunter River, on the other side is where the Lime Burner Bay was.

5 Mar 2006, 3:30PM

This is like some sort of engine-less parchute-sailing thing. All I know is you sit in it and jump off a cliff and float around.

10 Mar 2006, 4:23PM

Old timey watch tower on the bottom. New timey watch tower up top. -Its b/w for effect!

10 Mar 2006, 3:43PM

Saltwater lap pools very close to the ocean baths.

10 Mar 2006, 4:35PM

Coal ship. This one is the "First Jupiter". If you look closely you can see a difference in the color of the water just at the buoy. That is where the hunter river meets the pacific.

10 Mar 2006, 5:19PM

One of many clock towers.

10 Mar 2006, 4:38PM

Old man and the sea.

10 Mar 2006, 4:39PM

A break wall originally built by the convicts 200 years ago.

10 Mar 2006, 5:25PM

In the background you can see all the coal conveyors filling the ships.