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Scapes of Newcastle

Location: Newcastle, Australia

Here are some pictures of Newcastle I took on a short 'walkabout.'

9 Feb 2006, 1:41PM

We live on a suburb called "The Hill." This picture explains why.

9 Feb 2006, 1:40PM

This Tyrrell Street. I live down on the right in the tree line. The hill is even steeper than it looks.

9 Feb 2006, 1:48PM

This is the Obelisk. Very 2001 like. If you look very very closely I drew arrows pointing to dots. The dots are hang gliders. You are just gonna have to believe me.

9 Feb 2006, 1:47PM

That beach out there is Nobbys Beach. Thats where us newbies go surfing. Its about two kilometers from the house. Yes, I hoof it almost everyday.

9 Feb 2006, 1:53PM

This is looking back inland. That clock tower is right next to school.

9 Feb 2006, 1:51PM

See, there is a hang glider. Those ships out there are waiting for coal. Its not uncommon for 20 of them to dot the horizon.

9 Feb 2006, 2:04PM

Newcastle Beach - I went surfing here and had a minor encounter with those rocks.

9 Feb 2006, 2:03PM

Just like northern Cali only warm!

9 Feb 2006, 2:29PM

This is the "Leading Light Tower." It does not lead, nor give off light. But, its 100 feet from my home and, therefore, cool.

9 Feb 2006, 2:08PM

Looking south towards Sydney. Sydney is 100 miles in this direction.

9 Feb 2006, 2:21PM

Newcastle has all kinds of different architecture. This reminds me of the French Quarter, its just missing a few important "things."

9 Feb 2006, 2:14PM

Me being a goofball.