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Seal Rocks part two

Location: Australia

More photos of the seal rocks trip.

4 Feb 2006, 7:50AM

Me and Taka. Im wearing a "rash shirt," aptly enough, it prevents a rash from the surfboard.

4 Feb 2006, 7:21AM

A packed out Fun Bus

4 Feb 2006, 11:41AM

Seal Rocks beach.

4 Feb 2006, 7:55AM

Me and Harley. We are wearing tan colored zinc on our faces. Its the thing to do.

4 Feb 2006, 12:38PM

What the hell is a spunk rat?

4 Feb 2006, 12:30PM

Some other beach, it just looks the same.

4 Feb 2006, 1:15PM

What a "fun bus" shouldn't look like on the road.

4 Feb 2006, 1:05PM

Jayne and Harley with me crashing the picture.

4 Feb 2006, 3:17PM

Harley under the van with the steel pipe going to work.

4 Feb 2006, 3:02PM

Busted tire.

29 Jul 2006, 1:41PM

That is me on that wave!