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Friends in Newcastle

Location: Newie, Australia

Some photos of some very good friends I have made over here.

30 Mar 2006, 4:18PM

From left to right: Ola, Michael and Arnie - The Norwegian Contingent of our group. Ola is a soccer God. Arnie is the local comedian.

23 Mar 2006, 10:36PM

This is Jia (Ja Rule!). Smokes like a typical Asian, but knows math like a German. Makes sense, he lives in Germany.

13 Apr 2006, 9:01PM

Me and Michael aka Ol' Nessie

30 Mar 2006, 7:06PM

Jim when he still had hair. Henrict - the ONLY comedic German on the planet and a Canadian girl who is no longer with us.

8 Jun 2006, 8:43PM

We have white carpet so everyone takes their shoes off when they come over. Someone actually stole a pair of shoes one time.

13 Apr 2006, 9:58PM

This Bosi aka the Midnight Mayor with his harem.

22 Jun 2006, 10:19PM

Canadian Brad has his back to us while talking to Frenchie (Alexandra). Frenchie is the one who had her shoes stolen.

8 Jun 2006, 8:44PM

Lu Fei, Henrict and Cameron. Lu Fei is from rural China but thinks he is from the Bronx.

28 Jul 2006, 2:47PM

Aussie Marky Mark and Jimbo looking all Michael Stipe.

22 Jun 2006, 10:38PM

The Midnight Mayor making his rounds. (Aussie name: Mark "Bosi" Boswell)

28 Jul 2006, 6:08PM

This was the view from our 0 seats at one of the biggest Rugby matches of the year. Aussie vs. New Zealand. To be honest, seeing the Haka in person was not as cool as I thought it could have been.