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Beau and Arun's Visit

Location: Roadtrippin, Australia

Here are some pics of our road trip from Cairns to Brisbane and some Newie stuff I did with Beau and Arun.

31 May 2006, 2:07AM

The boys at Blueberry Hill winery... lookin a lot classier than we really are.

30 May 2006, 3:10AM

Arun and I enjoying a romantic sunset in Newcastle

3 Jun 2006, 3:35AM

Our camp site at Davies Creek. This place was pretty awesome, we are just glad it didn't rain and have the river wash us away.

2 Jun 2006, 9:55PM

There's a big tree behind us.. i know very insightful.

4 Jun 2006, 8:49PM

A beach on Magnetic Island.

4 Jun 2006, 7:15PM

This is the view from the top of Magnetic Island. The land you see on the horizon is Townsville, Australia.

30 May 2006, 2:41AM

Sun setting over Nobby's Beach

30 May 2006, 2:40AM

Beau and I chillin at the Cowrie Hole (make jokes as appropriate).

2 Jun 2006, 11:18PM

Beau and I eating one of our many meals out of a can.

2 Jun 2006, 9:12PM

Road Trippin.. The Toyota done well as did the the three drivers. I was elminated from driving due to some unpaid speeding tickets.

5 Jun 2006, 4:38PM

This is Gordon, the local kangaroo in Calliopie national park that became intimate with these camping chairs.

4 Jun 2006, 7:21PM

Jim spotted this little bugger with his Koalascope eyes. Supposably...they are very difficult to spot in the wild.