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Location: Vanua Levu, Fiji

Here are some shots of Fiji. Sorry, no photos of the crash yet.

13 May 2006, 3:14PM

Our hitchhikers from day one in the 4x4. Its not the one I drove off the bridge.

13 May 2006, 1:26PM

Savu Savu Harbor on the day of our arrival.

14 May 2006, 1:03PM

This is a "Copra Dryer" they use it to roast coconuts (copra). This is essentially what makes your partially hydrogenated coconut oil you find in every bit of your packaged food.

13 May 2006, 3:29PM

The bay from our resort at Hannibals.

14 May 2006, 4:05PM

Look through a palm tree out into Savusavu harbor.

14 May 2006, 1:11PM

Fijian transportation. In all likelihood this guy shares this horse with the rest of his village.

16 May 2006, 4:03PM

The P.O.S. that I launched off the bridge.

14 May 2006, 4:06PM

A few fisherman trying to catch some dinner.

19 May 2006, 6:49AM

Wooden car bridge.

16 May 2006, 4:04PM

Kids surrounding the next days meal in preperation for the funeral.

19 May 2006, 12:36PM

Savusavu bus station.

19 May 2006, 12:49PM

The main road and busiest part of the island of Vanua Levu.