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Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Location: Uluru, Australia

Here are some pics from my most recent trip which was to Ayers Rock.

18 Apr 2006, 5:33PM

The Kantju Gorge.

18 Apr 2006, 7:19PM

Part of Uluru

18 Apr 2006, 7:18PM

What it looks like from the bottom. That white dot is about where the picture on the left was taken from.

18 Apr 2006, 4:37PM

The end of the chain from the top. Once you get to this point you are a third of the way there. This picture is looking back down.

18 Apr 2006, 7:05PM

My shadow on part of the rock.

18 Apr 2006, 7:21PM

Jim and Hans taking a bit of rest after hiking back down.

17 Apr 2006, 8:10PM

Absolutely amazing sunset colors in the dessert. The Olgas are in the bottom left.

18 Apr 2006, 4:18PM

Hans and Jim looking over the edge from 382 meters. You can see the Olgas way off in the distance in the background.

18 Apr 2006, 4:32PM

This is about half way up.

16 Apr 2006, 7:33PM

Sun starting to set over the outback.

18 Apr 2006, 7:54PM

At sunset Ayers Rock can turn bright red if the conditions are right.

17 Apr 2006, 3:16PM

The Olgas.