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From Diane - Tuesday, 15th February 2005, 07:42 (GMT)
Your trip sounds like an adventure of a lifetime.
My husband and I are planning a trip from Vancouver to Toronto for the summer of 2005 (must be there first week of July) and would appreciate any advice you could give us. We are new to cycling and are wondering what kind of training is needed and what we need to pack. We could use all the advice you can give us. By the way, did you have any problems with wild animals while camping?
Sent you an email Diane, our problems with wild animals never got more scary than racoons stealing our chocolate fudge. Just follow all the precautions and the only bears you'll see will be uninterested or scared.
From Stephanie - Wednesday, 9th February 2005, 15:57 (GMT)
Just like most of the other people who have left you messages, I'd like to thank you very much for sharing your experiences with us. Not only is it an interesting read but it's a great resource for trip planning.

I would like any addition info you have (gear, recommendations for stops, hints for detours...etc).

I can't wait until Spring to get started!
All these people starting in Spring makes me very jealous! Oh well, I have the memories. No worries about the sharing, its what its all about. Have sent you the sheet.
From Nicole - Sunday, 6th February 2005, 22:50 (GMT)
Hi, I read through your whole journal and it is wonderful. Brings back the memories of my cycling trip from Naniamo, BC to North Bay, Ontario. I was moving back to Ontario after 7 years in BC and thought 'why not see some of this wonderful country on the way'. My friend and I left on the 1st of May 2001 and arrived August 12, with a few stops in between to visit with friends.
All in all it was the trip of a life time!!! It was amazing to meet so many people along the way, cyclists included.
I hope to finish the trip and make it to the east coast. We tried to follow the TC Trail from BC but ended up following Highway 3 in BC then to the Trans Canada Highway the rest of the way.
I was wondering if you could send me some info on the TC Trail from Ontario to Newfoundland? Is it all completed? Is it easy to follow? Hop to hear from you soon.

Nicole, have sent you an email. When we did it, we were on mostly trail from Ottawa onwards. But things change. You might want to try the TCT people for more info. It was hard trail, but some of the most interesting.
From - Thursday, 6th November 2003, 05:12 (GMT)
Awesome guys ... way to go! I'd like to do the same soon but on foot. Any advice?
hmmmm.... some really comfy shoes and a spare year? Thats quite a mission. I would have to say that on foot some sections would be less than ideal - long and relatively uninteresting. We did meet a guy walking across this year. He'd been going for 3 months and was at the start of the KVR - had been held up by snowcovered passes. Message again with an email and we'll email you some suggestions if you like. Otherwise, enjoy!
From - Thursday, 6th November 2003, 16:43 (GMT)

I am having a problem downloading your info from past journal entries. We are interested in your trip through Alberta. (We are the trail group responsible for putting the Trans Canada Trail through our province and are very interested in hearing about your experiences.) Would you please e-mail me information re. your trip though our Province, including the route you took, how your experience was, etc. Thanks so much, Patti Pedersen, Alberta TrailNet Society,
Hi Patti. The Trail through Alberta was spectacular through Kananaskis country and Spray Lakes to Bannf. I hope this will be the future route of the trail. Thanks to the TCT society and Albert Trailnet for your hardwork.
From - Friday, 7th November 2003, 20:15 (GMT)
Well done, a terrific accomplishment, WELL DONE from St Budeaux Cycling club Plymouth Devon England.
Thanks guys, its a great trail, lets hope they get the support they need to finish it. Would love to have something similar in every country, that would be paradise.
From - Monday, 10th November 2003, 17:38 (GMT)
I just found your website. It sounds like an awesome trip. We plan on leaving in May of 2005 to bike from Victoria to Halifax. I am quite paranoid of bears so it was good to hear of your experiences. We also want to travel as much as possible on the Trans Canada Trail.
The trail is wicked - so much better than on road experiences. Most people we met that crossed on road saw no bears or animals. And the ones we did see were a highlight for us... just be sensible and its fine. Use a planetranger page and let us know when you go!
From - Thursday, 13th November 2003, 21:02 (GMT)
Hey Dudes,
I`m planning to do a similar trip on the TC trail. If you want to go again your welcome in my caravan. Best wishes in your travels.

Matt Elliott, North Battleford, SK
Thanks for the offer Matt. If you do let us know how you go - we would love to hear of other peoples experiences on the trail. Enjoy it if you go, you should!
From - Saturday, 15th November 2003, 20:13 (GMT)
Great job guys! I´m planing to do an similar trip! Also from cost to coast next summer!
Some questions:
1. When did you start your trip in Vancuver?
2. Did you spent most of your trip on the TCT or on other streets.
3. What kind of weather did you had most of the time!
Thanks, hope you enjoy yours next year. We started on the 1st of June in Victoria. We spent about 2/3 of the kilometres and 3/4 of the time on trail (is slower but much nicer). We had awesome weather - only heavy rain 4 days, the rest we were nearly always dry. Cool in the mountains - hot on the prairies, Ontario and Quebec, and cooler at the end in the maritimes. Drop us a message if you have more questions. Enjoy your trip!
From - Tuesday, 18th November 2003, 03:43 (GMT)
Hello! I am planning to ride on the TC tail by wheelchair next year. Could you give me some advice to be able to finish the trip! Do you think it is dificult to do by wheelchair? Which part of Province is difficult? I really want to try it out! If I have a chance I would love to see you and ask you many quetions. But I am living in Japan. Too far,eh! Mimi from Japan Thanks for your encouraging trip!
Wow that would be an amazing effort! There are many parts of the trail that are wheel chair accessible, and I'm sure you would really enjoy. But there are also many parts of the trail that I can't imagine getting a wheelchair through. Locked gates you would have to be able to lift across, or steep rutted fire trails, deep gravel, or even hiking trail. I'll email you to give you some more specifics. Enjoy your trip!
From - Tuesday, 18th November 2003, 06:28 (GMT)
Hey guys,
Nice trip. how much of the ride was on roads vs trails (approximately)?
In terms of kilometres it was about 2/3 on trail, the rest on road. The trail parts were the highlights - the roads you put your head down and ride and not see or do so much. Get out there!
From - Friday, 21st November 2003, 01:57 (GMT)
Hello, and congratulations on your trans-Canada feat! I'm thinking about cycling the trail and I am wondering whether there were large parts of the trail that required supertechnical mountain biking skills, or whether most of the trail parts were more like road...

Thank you!
The trail is designed to be used by all kinds, so generally it is easy biking in terms of technicality, but don't expect it to be flat in BC! There are a few spots that could be considered technical, but they are in general quite short and can be bypassed. The guidebooks describe the trail fairly well - so I suggest you buy them, which also helps suppport the trail. The Newfoundland trail is beautiful, but the surface is horrible - and some people will find it near impossible to ride, so it may be considered technical. Email us if you have more questions. Anyway, enjoy if you do it, its an amazing journey!
From - Tuesday, 25th November 2003, 19:58 (GMT)
Very nice trip. I'd like to do this trip too. Can I just ask you how much money did it cost ( from London)?
Meny thanks and best wishes in your travels.
Hi Lenka,
Thanks for your comments, we'll send you an email about the costs!
From - Friday, 28th November 2003, 06:50 (GMT)
Geez you guys are popular!!! Glad you made it back in one piece. Enjoy the couv
Pip xx
Thanks Pipstar! You enjoy Syders, don't get sunburnt.
From Sarah - Monday, 15th December 2003, 22:59 (GMT)
Hope you guys have a lovely Christmas and a huge New Year xx
Hey Sarah, we hope the same of you too!
From Stan - Thursday, 18th December 2003, 15:12 (GMT)
Hi guys,
Welcome to the club (of X-Canada conquerors). I am sure you really enjoyed it as I did in 2002. I started my biking from home (I live in Calgary, just 300 meters from the Trans-Canada Highway!) then went to St. John’s and flew to Vancouver, hopped on the bus to Victoria and continued biking back to Calgary. All 6437 km in 48 days. See my family home page for photos (I am still working on text!).
Next on my list is… your Australia! O-Australia (around) to be precise. Maybe next year…?
Hey Stan, we're honoured to be in the club. O-Australia, sounds like the beginning of a new national anthem!
From Levina - Monday, 5th January 2004, 16:49 (GMT)
Hi wow what wonderful pictures, what a trip. I would like to do the same in 2006 I would love to have some info from you experts.How many tires did you use? what kind of bike did you use?what about the seat any special kind? the time of year would you go at the same time again? Is there anything you would do different? what essentials did you take? Any advice please would be much appreciated Thanks Levina
Hi Levina, it certainly was a good trip, you should definitely do it in 2006 or earlier if you can! We'll send you an email about your questions.
From Anna-Marie - Sunday, 18th January 2004, 05:09 (GMT)

Congratulations on your trip! I'm planning to walk the trail starting this spring. If Craig, who left you a message earlier, gave you his email address, could you send mine to him? I'm interested in comparing ideas and information.


Hi Anna-Marie, another trail walker! Unfortunately Craig didn't leave his address, but Craig if you see this - send us a message again and we'll hook you guys up.
From Mick Sinclair - Monday, 19th January 2004, 02:32 (GMT)
Well done fellas
Sensational effort. I would like to do some of the trail but don't have nearly enough time. Can you recommend the best sections to help with the planning. (looking at around a month and a half).

Mick Sinclair
Hey Mike! We'll send you an email, but in brief we liked BC the best, Quebec and the maritimes coming in second. But its all good!
From Chantal - Monday, 19th January 2004, 08:50 (GMT)
Impressing! Congratulations!!!

I would like ride (horse) from Toronto to Vancouver this Summer. Do you have map and road recommondations? What kind of roads did you take? Lots of traffic?

If somebody wants to join this project, email me!
Greets, Chantal
Gday Chantal. Horse could be tough - a lot of the trail through Ontairo is the side of the highway - not fun on a horse, maybe not legal either. But there would be some good stretches in Alberta and BC that you would enjoy, or PEI or NFL. Get hold of the BC guidebook and have a read. Good luck!
From Cory Michalyshyn - Saturday, 24th January 2004, 14:22 (GMT)
Hey guys, outstanding effort. I've been thinking about doing this since I heard about the transcanada train being built in 1997. I'm 19 years old now and I have a couple friends that are interested in it too, and we're considering doing it. If you could tell me anything about the trip that could help me, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Hi Cory, we've sent you out some info we compiled, I hope it helps. Get out there and see Canada, you will have great adventures. Just make sure you will get on with your mates - it can be tough for that long!
From devon - Saturday, 24th January 2004, 15:32 (GMT)

helle my name is devon and

i was thinking of doing the same thing are there any pointers that you can give me. i am also doing a speech on the trail and i would really apreciate if you could give me some intresting facts on the trail.

Hi Devon, we tried to email but the address you gave doesn't exits or gets rejected. Get in touch again if you like.
From B.Jae Scott - Wednesday, 28th January 2004, 21:30 (GMT)
Wow! I'm so glad I found your site! I am really interested in cycling the trail with my sister, and just like Levina (in the recent messages) I would also love to have some advice from the experts.
How many tires and what kind of bike, did you use? Did you use any special kind of seat ? Is there anything you would do different? What do you think are essentials for the trip? What was your budget like? Any other tips you could give me (please) that would help make my trip a success would be extremely appreciated.
It sounds like an amazing adventure, and you have made me want to go even more!

Thanks a lot,

Hi B.Jae... We used mountain bikes, and would recommend them. Tires - two rear each across, front the whole way. A good seat is a must - you have no idea how sore your arse can get! Do different - don't think so... it was awesome the way it was, and our gear amount and weight was great. We've sent you a basic tips sheet, but any questions, get back to us. Do it, you will see so much, and love it. Take care!
From anne (from oz) - Monday, 2nd February 2004, 12:19 (GMT)
damn, you beat me to it. maybe i can be the first lunatic to take a recumbent trike across this thing; ever seen a recumbent trike? two wheels at the front, one at the back. you reckon one of these would make it across the 9953.3kms, or is it strictly mountain bike terrain? in the meantime i'll have to settle for cycling around oz (leave in 12 weeks - yay!)
anyway, GOOD ON YA!! can't wait to read the whole travelogue in detail (have just stumbled across the site).
so what's next? remember, working is overrated and you're dead a bloody long time.
Hi Anne... Theres some terrain that you wouldn't make it on, and some gaps you wouldn't fit through (we lifted our bikes around a bit too), but the majority would be fine I think. The next adventure, maybe canoe the whole darling river - from Queensland to SA? Could be fun! Life is for living!
From Ronni de Camp - Tuesday, 3rd February 2004, 16:10 (GMT)
It's admirable what you two have accomplished. I hope to bike across Canada one day, too. I'd love to stay loosely in touch for any recommendations you have.

Hi Ronni, No problem, we will help where we can, we love to support the trail. Sent you some info, and respond if you have more questions. Canada is going to be busy with walkers and cyclists!