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From MIKE H. - Sunday, 22nd October 2006, 05:26 (GMT)
From Craig & Sue - Friday, 25th August 2006, 03:55 (GMT)
What breath taking views, we
can see why you two love that
beautiful country. Way to bring your dreams to life! How
wonderful for you. We are so
excited for you and cant wait to check in for a visit.
Thanks for sharing
Our Love,
Craig & Sue
From Colleen - Friday, 25th August 2006, 03:09 (GMT)
Wow! Tam, Thanks so much for sharing this with me! I'll keep watching your progress. Tell Dickard hi... Cliff and I will make a trip up there once you're ready for us! Love you forever, Coll
From Cousin Christy - Friday, 8th September 2006, 01:25 (GMT)
Congratulations to you all! Can't wait to get up there - one of these days. We missed you at Mom's memorial - and can't wait for you to meet the newest addition to the Clan. Can't wait till our big dream can come true too. Here's to you 'cuz - from your youngest 'cuz. ~Christy
From Iona - Saturday, 28th October 2006, 04:52 (GMT)
Jay and I can't hardly wait until Thanksgiving to finally see Big Timber with our very own eyes and add some electricity!!! Kodiak is just dying to see Eddie again :-) Okay, not really, but I am! Okay battery is dying and we're getting ready to head out in our costumes for Zombie Fest! Love you all and see you SOON!!!
From David and Sherry - Wednesday, 30th August 2006, 04:49 (GMT)
Thanks for sending the website. We can't wait to see what everything looks like now after the last entry and all the work that has been done. Best wishes to all in your retirement dream that is becoming reality.
David and Sherry
From Glen Neel - Sunday, 14th January 2007, 06:20 (GMT)
I love the view this is the first time that I been able to get on you have done a butiful job I am proud of you all hope to be able to come up and see you and let me know when you get your new charter pamflet I need to show it to 4 people so they caan get in contact w/ you Loove you all Glen
From Charlene Huetter - Friday, 22nd December 2006, 00:46 (GMT)
Hi this is Charlene, RON'S daughter. Just thought I would say Hi. Me and dad were just checking out your new investment. Sounds pretty COOL!
From Peter & Beverly - Saturday, 26th August 2006, 03:55 (GMT)
Lucinda et al,
Thanks for forwarding the websitek and photos.......Great pictures. You guys have lots to do and it will certainly be a showcase when done. Congradulations again!!
Peter & Beverly
From Floyd Damron - Saturday, 26th August 2006, 00:53 (GMT)
Looks like a wonderful project and great bonding time, but projects can also be stressful, so please if you get upset don't start hitting Uncle Lee, just take another happy pill......

Uncle Floyd
From Olivia - Saturday, 26th August 2006, 00:10 (GMT)
WOW! What a beautiful spot! I am proud of you all for making your dream come true. Keep up the good work and have fun!! Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see the next photos. :)

From curt waters - Sunday, 27th August 2006, 02:15 (GMT)
Right on thanks and good luck If you need any help give me a call I can hall stuff out there after fishing this fall. oct 20 on
From Annie Sternberger - Monday, 28th August 2006, 01:00 (GMT)
Lee and Lucinda,
What a beautiful place that you've found. I look forward to visiting your place someday. It looks like paradise!
Annie (Jenny Clay's sis)
From Jerry Schindler - Tuesday, 23rd January 2007, 03:11 (GMT)
That really is a nice place. What I cant figure out is how you guys get that much work out of Lee. Must lure him with the thought of fishing. Does he still read the tape 1 1/2 inch and three little marks ? Can't wait to see it.

Have lots of fun
Jerry LIsa Sydney & Faith
From Rupp's - Monday, 23rd April 2007, 03:54 (GMT)
Hi Dick & Tami,
Great new pictures, sure wouldnt want to run into that bear! was great seeing you two, we send our love...Craig & Sue :)
We can't wait for you to see it. It was great to see you both!!! Love ya..
From Shogs - Wednesday, 18th October 2006, 01:03 (GMT)
Wow.....Are you guys taking reservations.......Keep up the good work...I feel like I m living your life from Panama
From Cat and Drew - Friday, 25th August 2006, 04:17 (GMT)
It looks beautiful! We're so happy for you. Keep following your dreams, and remember to send us an invite to your "lodge" warming party. See you around Kodiak!
Cat and Drew
From Paul & Angie - Friday, 25th August 2006, 05:32 (GMT)
Wow and double wow! The place is beautiful (I love those giant trees) ....this web page is fantastic! What a fun way to show the progress!
Good Work Team!!!
P & A
From Tara - Friday, 25th August 2006, 13:57 (GMT)
Oh my gosh! How beautiful! You guys are sooo lucky! When can I come visit?!?!?! LYT
From Jenny - Friday, 25th August 2006, 16:00 (GMT)
Love the web site. The pictures are incredable. Great job . Really looking forward to going out there tonight.
From rachel putnam - Friday, 25th August 2006, 16:54 (GMT)
Congratulations Dick & Tamers, Lucinda & Lee!

I'm very excited about your new adventure. May God Bless all your endeavors and all who come.....

Much Love,
From Tina - Friday, 25th August 2006, 17:09 (GMT)
I am so excited for you. I canno twait to come up and see what is happening up there! See you soon,
Your sis
From iane & Stan - Friday, 25th August 2006, 17:48 (GMT)
What a beautiful spot. Good luck on your building endeavor.
From Marmie - Saturday, 26th August 2006, 12:24 (GMT)
Looks fantastic! Thanks for the web site so we can watch it grow.

God is SO good!
From Shelly - Saturday, 26th August 2006, 16:41 (GMT)
Breathtaking! Can't wait to see the progress made up to the completed project. Hope to see more soon. Congratulations!