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From Joanna - Saturday, 22nd July 2006, 09:50 (GMT)
Hi Brenda!
By the time you read this message you'll be home (welcome back to Canada!) I couldn't sleep well tonight (I'm still adjusting to the time change I guess) so I looked up your Planet Ranger site and enjoyed all of your journal entries! It was great to re-live it all again from a new perspective! What a great way to capture everything we've been through and to share it with others.
I'm back home now (but still waiting for my suitcases to catch up with me!) I'm a bit anxious about it because they made me check everything (including my camera lenses and all of my memory cards with the pictures on them... apparantly my carry-on bag was too heavy to allow me to take it into the cabin). And then (surprise), the luggage is "delayed". Anyway - when I get my pictures I plan on sending them to you by CD as soon as I can. I hope these pictures will help you to share the stories with your friends & family.
Thanks for being such a great part of our volunteer team. I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you better. Your positive energy and your generous heart made an impact on all who came into contact with you. You're definitely one Muzungu that will not soon be forgotten in Rural Rwanda! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with others in need.
From Henk Stek - Friday, 30th October 2009, 21:09 (GMT)
Searching for Kahama with Google, your site appeared. With interesting photo's. I enjoyed them a lot. A Tanz friend of mine lives in Kahama, but I've never been there. Worked with him for the Red Cross Federation in the Ngara and Kasulu refugees camps (Benaco with 300.000). 1996/7
I hope to go back there one day. When Africa gets into your system, You can't forget it.
Why did your story stop so suddenly in april 2009 ?

Kwa heri Mama

I came ome to a busy next story has started tho'
From Nancy Folkestad - Friday, 30th June 2006, 00:29 (GMT)
Have a safe and wonderful trip Brenda and I will read about your journey and will be dying to hear your stories and see your photos on your return.

From Dee - Thursday, 6th July 2006, 01:58 (GMT)
Hi B,
July 5th/06 6:50 pm.
We are having one hell of a thunderstorm right now> Like OH MY GAWD....Environment Canada has us listed for a weather warning for tonight. Up to 55 mm of rain and severe thunder and lightening. Chris and I heard a really loud crack, it must struck very close. Not long after that I saw a helicopter with a water bucket heading away from Giants Head and towards OK Lake. YIKES!
There are 4 forest fires around Tumber Ridge, they evacuated about 4000 people a couple of days ago. I think they were allowed back today.
Mary taught Leah and me how to do iris carding folding last night. Both of the cards we made turned out really nice.
Mary can show you, Ab and Linda when you get back.
Well that's about all the news I have on the home front for now.
I hope this finds you well and not too overwelmed! Stay safe and take care.
Think of you often...
From Beki - Tuesday, 18th July 2006, 04:48 (GMT)
Hi MUM!!!
I was SO happy to see a message on here today!!! I have really been wondering what is going on.... I was starting to worry.
Sounds like the party with the kids was fun. I'm glad you got to do something that wasn't AS emotionally draining like what you guys have been up to in Rwanda. I can't wait to see all your pictures. Did you get to meet Shija? How was he??
I'll just keep this short, but check your email. I'll give you an update of the Okanagan K????
Miss ya TONNES!!!!
Love Ya
From Merle - Tuesday, 18th July 2006, 03:53 (GMT)
Hi Brendi,
Wow kiddo, you should go into
journalism!!! Your explanations
are amazing. Can only imagine
how you are trying to absorb all this new info, will be so great see pics and hear all about everything. We are well,
kids have gone home and are
on vacation with their dad inQuebec. Ken is off to Smithers tomorrow, I will golf.
Take good care the rest of the time and will sure look foreward to seeing you soon.
Only five more days!!!!
Love from Us U.Ken and A. Merle

From Cheryl - Monday, 24th May 2010, 21:42 (GMT)
Happy Birthday Cuz! I am so proud of you and your accomplishments - keep safe!
From auntie wendy - Monday, 17th July 2006, 03:11 (GMT)
geez brenda, you have to know how proud everyone back here is of you - your awesome determination - plunging in all four fours head and heart bring new meaning to bravado tenaciousness - without doubt, your mom is watching over you weeping tears of pride - kudos hon - Auntie Wendy

From MYRLA (Al's sister - Sunday, 9th July 2006, 06:30 (GMT)
Here's to one
********** BRENDA ***********

Stay with your convictions and compassion, you will be rewarded over and over again.

Stay STRONG, stay SAFE,

We are all very blessed to be
CANADIAN, especially to have an embassador like yourself for us.

Keep up the good work !
You never know, you may have a whole plane load of us going over with you NEXT TIME.

From Bek - Monday, 24th May 2010, 19:40 (GMT)
Hey Mum,

Glad to hear you had an awesome birthday! That's pretty sweet to have it at Hotel Rwanda!

Everything is all good back home.... I'll send you an email with more details, but ya... All good. I've talked to Jackson everyday. He's good. Went camping with Ron in Christina Lake this weekend.
Jay and Jar are good....
Today is Aaron's birthday... So we are just gonna start preparing for a BBQ. Should be FUN!

K... well. STAY SAFE.... I get so stressed when you are there....

Pls write as soon as you get to Tanzania... Good luck with the boarder crossing!
love ya
From Cliff & Michele - Saturday, 24th June 2006, 03:57 (GMT)
Have a great trip Brenda... We'll be thinking about you.
From From Leah & Chris - Monday, 24th May 2010, 15:55 (GMT)
Happy Birthday glad you liked the "fun package".
It is so great to be able to read the blog to hear how it is going and that you are all safe..even if you are without all your luggage.
Take care of yourselves and stay healthy.
Hope you are OK, Angela...hugs from sounds like such an overwhelming experience.
From Melanie P. - Wednesday, 28th June 2006, 00:35 (GMT)
Bon Voyage! Be safe and take lots of photos. It will be your best marketing tool when you come back.

See you then :)
From Sandra - Saturday, 1st July 2006, 01:01 (GMT)
Hi Doli! I can't wait until your next message. Realising it will be difficult for you to post messages, I won't hold my breath. Just know that we are all at home thinking of you and extremely proud of you. Be safe, Wong sister!
From Megan Lowe - Sunday, 2nd July 2006, 02:41 (GMT)
Hello Brenda!!
Glad to hear everything is going well so far! My mom and jeralee say hello and we are wishing you a safe and fulfilling trip. Please give little Mary Charles Maganga an extra hello from me. Love,
Meg, Sharon & Jera
From Sandra - Tuesday, 4th July 2006, 02:31 (GMT)
Hey Doli
Each message you post is facinating! As I was reading one, another came in! Keep up the great communication - while you can. It sounds as though you are handling the cultural and moral differences well. It looks as though all that reading prepared you. Try to get enough rest and remember to laugh. We will see you in 2.5 weeks! Love Sandra (and Roland too)
From Claudia - Tuesday, 11th July 2006, 00:15 (GMT)
Hi Brenda,
You have been on my mind so much! I hope you are feeling better today. It is a remarkable thing you are doing. I have read all of your emails and I cannot imagine what you are experiencing. Please take care of yourself.
We love you!
Claudia & Peter
From Kelly M - Sunday, 9th July 2006, 03:52 (GMT)
What an inspiration you and WV are to all of us here in the land of plenty. I really enjoy your diary of your trip and will pass on your page to others here in the Okanagan.
God bless and keep writing!
Best wishes,
Kelly Montgrand
From Rena - Sunday, 23rd May 2010, 20:50 (GMT) and your group are amazing, God bless you all, I get goosebumps reading your blogs. You are very brave to be travelling and working in an unfamiliar country. Wishing you all the best....Take lots of pics of our little girl Elizabeth......Love Jerry & Rena
From Charlotte Lewis - Sunday, 23rd May 2010, 06:33 (GMT)
Thank you Brenda and Angela for keeping us in the loop with wonderful updates of all that you are doing, and seeing, and feeling! Allows us here at home to feel as though we are part of your adventures. Be safe, and know that we are all thinking of you. Charlotte
From Scott - Saturday, 22nd May 2010, 18:42 (GMT)
Wow what a way to celebrate your 50th Brenda. You continue to amaze with everyone you do. Stay safe!!

From Marj Jorgenson - Saturday, 22nd May 2010, 17:50 (GMT)
Brenda, Angela and Team,

So wonderful to read your blogs and follow along on your amazing adventures. Angela, it is so nice that you can give Brenda a break from blogging once in a while and allowing us to share your feelings and experiences with you. Happy Birthday, Brenda!!!! I am sure this is a birthday you will never forget!! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your birthday celebration. Keep safe everyone and I hope you all get your luggage soon.
From Patti Molyneaux - Saturday, 17th June 2006, 15:30 (GMT)
Hey Brenda it is quite a while before your trip and I am so nervous and excited for you.I hear from many this is a life altering experience, just take it all in so you can share it with us when you come home. BE CAREFUL OUT THERE. See you when you get home. Patti
From Lori - Thursday, 29th June 2006, 15:44 (GMT)

I am so excited. Didn't call cause I knew you were in the thick of it. I just wanted to say however, that before you go to bed one night, look up at the sky. Huh? But really, do it, so familiar and so different and I imagine it is amazing over there!! Thinking of you and all the kids, L P & F xo
From Elaine Bourassa - Thursday, 29th June 2006, 15:48 (GMT)
Wish you the best! We all will look forward to your dispatches with great anticipation. Keep safe!