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Volunthai’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Jan 2018

MapRaman and Caitlin, UK

My friend Caitlin and I had a truly unforgettable experience at Chae Hom School. We both taught 12 classes each week individually whereby we taught English vocabulary and grammar through various activities. You can definitely tell the difference between Western and Thai culture in school where, for example, students remove their footwear inside the building and in teachers’ offices. A highlight in school was on the day when students maintained the plants and gardens around the campus in the morning to demonstrate their self-discipline and respect for their environment. Caitlin and I were overwhelmed by how respectful and appreciative Thais are, and how they are always willing to give a helping hand. Thai people are also the most humorous and chilled people we have ever met! The students and teachers became our friends and family, whom we already miss dearly!

No words can describe how ideal our homestay, family and town were. We had a scenic view of beautiful rice fields. Our host, Seksan, lived with his mother, his 4 dogs, twenty chickens, several fishes, a bird and a cat; a full house! His sister, her partner and nephew lived in the home next door but it felt like they lived in the same home we did since they were always around. Seksan is a teacher whom specializes in Thai wood carving– he showed us how he designs and creates various wooden products (I’ve attached a photo) and we got the chance to create a smaller product ourselves! We were immersed to all kinds of Thai foods (they are seasoned so well and most probably the tastiest food we’ve ever had!) – but our favorites were definitely the exotic fruits, such as dragon fruit.

Big thanks to Volunthai!!!