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Volunthai’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Sep 2013

Location: Asia - South East

MapAlexandre Dappel-Voisin

I am a student in France and I volunteered in June-August as part of my coursework. Volunteering has taught me values that I would learn not in normal travels like sharing and valuing your neighbors. It also taught me to stay humble and to not judge anyone. I think volunteering is a great life experience and this will serve me in my future work to enhance my relationships with people.

I learned a lot of things about Thailand, like religion plays a very important role in the people’s life. What also struck me was the hospitality of the Thais. They were ready to accommodate us without us even knowing us. For example, on the first day we arrived, we had the honor of being invited to a wedding that we didn't know the couple. That really impressed me and I have very fond memories. I also learned to appreciate Thai food. The food can be very spicy, and it took me some time to get used to it!

My biggest challenge during the placement was to win the confidence of children to learn from me. It was not always easy, but I think I succeeded. Every day I tried to play sports with them or make them more comfortable around me, and I think I succeeded!